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The fan assembling When we assembles fan motor, fan blade and fan shroud together, it will become fan assy. This procedure seems to be simple, but this is an important key of determining the finished product’s quality.

    Most of the cooling fan Blades were made by engineering plastic material, such as PA66,PA6,and PP which are mixed with 20% to 30% glass fiber. Each fan blade has its regular efficiency. For example, if its primitive design is 2000 RPM with 70W output power, it represents that when the fan blade is running to 2000 RPM, it has 70W exhausted heat efficiency. The setting up standard is based on the input watt, security and noise index.

    The motor is the most important part of fan assembly and is also the key to determine the fan assembly’s quality. Most fan motors are DC brush motor (PMDC ) The characteristic of this motor is small, and with high outputs.

    Production of high-precision motor shafts made from various metals, which can include turning and grinding services. The shafts supplied can have diameters ranging from 4mm to 16mm. Solid and hollow shafts are both available. Our R&D team can co-design with the customer and improve the design of the shafts based on our experience and expertise. Our production equipment and design skill can meet the requirements for any type of shaft; we provide the best service and excellent quality

    Our manufacturing equipment:

    . Forty-one stamping machines ranging from 10-400 tons used to produce terminals, automotive accessories, motor back covers, housing, iron shrouds, and iron blades.

    . Two high-speed stamping machines that can produce silicon steel stators for the brushless motor rotor and DC motor rotor.

    .Two 400-ton high-speed stamping machines with robotic arms that can automatically produce 20 motor housings within 1 minute.

    We have been in the motor industry for more than 20 years. Any customization is available based on technical drawings provided by the customer

    We have the design and production capacity to make the software and hardware for brushless motors and controller modules. We provide the designs of various brushless motor hardware structures that meet the power requirement of the customer. The circuit design of the controller and the integrated driver for programming can also be provided.



    Until 2010,we have more than 280 Skus can provide to US market.And keep upgrading our technology to fulfill the green concept for the high efficient brushless motor as the power source,providing the quiet and no vibration driving environment.

    Engineering plastic material, such as PA66,PA6,and PP which are mixed with 20% to 30% glass fiber. However, some fan shrouds are made by metal, especially AC fan shroud. The functions of fan shroud are supporting the fan motor and blade, and concentrate the wind produced by fan blades, in order to reach the best cooling efficiency.

    In recent years, due to the safety design concept are getting more and more concentrate to the car designers, the impact absorb engine compartment design is becoming a trend, it make the timing covers demand start to change from failure parts to the crash parts.

    We self-produce high-quality automotive Wiring Harness and plugs for Automotive Wire Assembly, Car Wire Harness, Motor Wire Harness, and Cable Assembly etc. All the cable and wire hardness comply with TUV, UL certified and ROHS regulations . We can provide the overall solution with high quality and reasonable prices to meet the customer's needs according to their design and specifications.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry, we have the complete range of hardware and software equipment, which includes 30 injection machines ranging from 45 to 800 tons. Materials currently used: PP, PA66, ABS, PPS, NYLON, etc. We can meet the customer's needs and provide integrated and complete services from mold development, design, sample, quality inspection, data measurement, injection processing, and packaging to delivery. We accept small and medium batch plastic injection services, OEM and assembly services.